Kohei Nagamachi

Associate Professor

Graduate School of Management, Kagawa University

2-1, Saiwai-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa, 760-8523 JAPAN

Email: kohei.nagamachi@gmail.com


Working Papers

  • Market Access, Spatial Inequality, and General Purpose Technologies, April 2019. [SSRN; Web Appendix: PDF]

  • A Simple Model of Functional Specialization of Cities, January 2015. [IDEAS]

  • The Impacts of Firms' Technology Choice on the Gender Differences in Wage and Time Allocation: A Cross-Country Analysis (with Daichi Shirai and Takamasa Eguchi), June 2014. [IDEAS]


  • "Demographics, Immigration, and Market Size" (with Koichi Fukumura, Yasuhiro Sato, and Kazuhiro Yamamoto), Japanese Economic Review, Vol.71, 597-639, October 2020. [Springer; July 2017 Version: IDEAS]

  • "Comparative Advantage and Skill Premium of Regions," Economics Bulletin, Vol.33, No.3, 1681-1694, July 2013. [PDF]

Publication (in Japanese)

  • "The Implication of Heterogeneous Transport Costs for the Spatial Distribution of Firms," Journal of Applied Regional Science, No.15, 13-22, 2010. [PDF]